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Aromatherapy On the Go!


Cross aromatherapy diffuser necklace is made with hypoallergenic, surgical grade 316L stainless steel pendant and 24 inch chain.


The gift set includes:

1 - Cross Diffuser Pendant

1 - 24” stainless steel chain

4 - 100% pure essential oils

12 - Vibrant colored refill pads.


Great for any occasion, the essential Cross aromatherapy necklace allows you to diffuse your favorite scents all day using a necklace!


Premium Essential Oils:

Included essential oils are 100% pure and therapeutic grade!

Cold pressed and made in the USA.


Every set includes 4 essential oils:


Lavender - boosts confidence & promotes relaxation.


Peppermint - increases energy & helps respiratory health.


Lemongrass - helps relieve stress, depression, & anxiety.


Sweet Orange - boosts immune system and positive mood.


Fashion-Forward and Functional: Stylish and versatile.


TheCross aromatherapy pendant has a secure magnetic closure with vents in front of the locket to ensure proper air flow to let your favorite scents fill the air.


World-Class Craftsmanship:

Cross Pendant and 24” chain is made from hypoallergenic, surgical grade 316L stain less steel, our diffuser is as sleek as it is durable!

Cross Diffuser Gift Set

Excluding Sales Tax |
Expected to Ship in 10-14 Days!
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