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Embark on Your Self Care Journey to

Heal & Bloom!

Self Care is important to maintain and recover health wellness.

Healing Journeys are embarked, guided, and celebrated at SNLBO!

Aromatherapy on the Go!, Salt n Light, Baby! Merch, and

Self Care Group Coaching with Positive Peer Support to

Live Your Best Life is the heart & soul of SNL Outlet!

Ready for Your Healing Journey?

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Welcome to SNL Outlet

Aromatherapy on the Go!

Essential Oil & Accessories

Aromatherapy is a form of self care.

Products that allow therapeutic essential oils to be easily accessible in every moment of a busy schedule at an affordable price for those who need it most.

Heal n Bloom Journey

Next Session - April 2024

Self Care Coaching Group Sessions

Positive Peer to Peer Support

Membership Plans

Private Members Only Chat

Monthly Virtual Club Hangouts

Salt n Light, baby! Merch

T-Shirts - Bags - Journals

SNLB Merch is inspired by the

Healing Journey - Salt n Light, Baby!

Designs inspired by Mental Health advocacy, Motivational content, and  Personal Experience of Regaining Wellness

to live life to the fullest.

Young Entrepreneur Program

Next Session -  2024

Family-Oriented online Young Entrepreneur Program designed for all ages to find purpose, acknowledge talents, learn e-commerce, and grow a business from planning to strong foundational success.

Young Entrepreneur Marketplace

Next Session - April 2024

SNL Outlet will offer a

dedicated virtual Marketplace for the

Young Entrepreneur Program setting

to learn E-commerce to progress healing in recovery journeys and thriving in life.

Coming Soon

SNL Outlet Growth

Virtual Events

Positive Peer Support Sessions

Online Video Courses

In-Person Vendor Events

Brick-n-Mortar Marketplace

Our Collection

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