SNL Motto:

Sometimes you just need to turn your face to the sun with open arms, like a sunflower, to lift the darkness. - Anonymous

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About SNL Outlet

SNL Outlet is founded on the inspiration that Mental Illness Recovery is possible.

A personal journey of a family fuels the daily quest to create a unique shopping experience that increases access to self-care products, self-help outlets, and encourages long-term recovery,

Committed to creating a safe space for a Homemaker and her family that requires a custom work environment with time flexibilty, positive peer support, and advocacy of Mental Health.

SNL Outlet emerged into existence.....

Ensuring quality products personally chosen as a source of self-care and a self-help outlet.

Each Collection at SNL Outlet represents an individual actively recovering from Mental Illness.

Be sure to visit often to support and get to know the faces behind each Collection.

Mental Illness Recovery is possible!

  • Salt & Light, baby!

    Meet Danielle David

    SNL Outlet Founder/CEO

    In Active Recovery of:

    - Severe Depression -

    -BiPolar I Disorder-

    -General Anxiety Disorder-


    "There is always a tiny flicker of light inside of you just waiting to become a beacon."

    Your Story Isn't Over; It Is Just Beginning...

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    Danie Eleese 
  • The Lou Ellen Project

    Meet Marleigh David

    Daughter of SNL Outlet Founder/CEO

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    Mars Eleese 
  • Way of Play

    Meet Way David

    Son of SNL Outlet Founder/CEO

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    Way of Play 
  • Kathy Lou's Haven

    In Loving Memory of

    Kathy McCoy Myers


    Lou Ellen McCoy

    Check Out My Collection!

    Kathy Lou's Haven